Dried urine spots (DUS) is a handy and useful approach to store and transport urine for bioanalysis.

Urine is collected in a single filter card by the individual at her/his leisure.  The spot is let to dry and the card is sent to our lab for analysis


Dried urine spot methods offer a quick, easy and discreet alternative sampling option.

Patients collect urine on a filter paper. DUS are stable at least for 20 days and can be easily mailed back at our lab for analysis.


ThetaBiomarker DUS portfolio

We offer validated methods for quantitative determination of amino acids and derivatives (UPLC-MS/MS) and organic acids (GC-MS/MS).

Generated data is compared against reference concentration ranges reflecting the local population (Greece) as well as international reference ranges



Patient centric sampling.
No cold chain.


High quality DUS servises.


A new way to reach patient and promote diagnosis and monitoring.